Want to use PZEM controller to detect current flow direction

I want to determine the direction of the current

The PZEM-004T is an AC detector, so the current is alternating.


I use solar power. so I use electricity or produce electricity. I want to determine the direction of current.

Then I’d say that a solar charge controller is what you need, not a PZEM device…

A charge controller that uses RS485 communication protocol will give you lots of very useable data…


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I had grid inverter. What I need is to follow it. I use pzem 004t v3.0 but it reads both ways. I want to distinguish it

You won’t achieve that with a single PZEM, that’s not what they’re designed to do.


I have found it. but it is v1.0

I’ve split this into a new thread, as it’s unrelated to the original topic.


Can you help me?

It sounds like using a V1 PZEM is your solution.

If you can’t achieve that then I think you need to provide lots more data about your system so that people with similar systems can add their ideas.


V1 version no longer produced

I realise that, but lots were made.


This is the inverter I use. rs232 communication. I don’t know if it can connect to arduino?

It should be possible.
I’d start by searching for a document that describes the protocol, baud rate etc and what each of the registers returns.
Ideally it will be a system where you request data from certain registers and that data is returned.


Yes, v1 is still available on eBay or AliExpress for little cheaper.

I also interested in the bi-direction for AC current as I want to see the power produce by solar and the power that I get from the grid.

Let me know if find the solution for i.

Minh cung muon Blynk doc duoc AC current cho 2 chieu, cho Minh biet Neu ban lam cho no works.


I live in Vietnam. I can’t buy from there. very difficult

Hi Toàn,
Can you buy to url below:
Thank you

It is v3.0.

Hi Toan,

Are you able to make PZEM-004 v3 to detect/read current flow direction?