Want to use 8 physical switches using 2 nodemcu's

Hello blynkers, I need some help. How I can send V pin on nodemcu and set another nodemcu to read V pin and activate digital pin?
I have 8 physical switches that I want to control all of them with 2 nodemcu’s using bridge widget, use master device to control 4 switches and use slave to control another 4

You can use the either the Bridge widget or just use one Auth token for both devices.

That leaves me with the same question in the other thread.

Bridge will make a mesh, right? So, you have a master and slaves which only is connected to the master, so not with the wifi router? And I can daisy chain them so I make one master the other is the slave but also the master of the next slave etc., just to be clear?

@Lichtsignaal so normally on nodrmcu I can use 4 pins for controling 4 relayes and other 4 pins I can use as a physical switches. In 1 auth token still I can use 4 switches or there is other way to do it?

I think master and slave connects to the same router, so with master you can control as many slave you want

What about the mesh option? Mesh means, you can connect unlimited devices to it because every device makes its own network. The more devices you use, the bigger this mesh network will be. For example zigbee. I hope this can be done within Blynk.

It is possible to attach widgets on all devices to all other devices which will allow you 2-way communication between all devices. It will be a complicated matter though. E.g.

  • Device 1:
    ** BridgeToDevice2
    ** BridgeToDevice3

  • Device 2
    ** BridgeToDevice1
    ** BridgeToDevice3


Meshing bridges would indeed be a better idea, but it needs some sort of multicast protocol. Or use one device as a sort of Master controller and have all devices report to there. Both techniques are quite acceptable from a technical perspective.

no clue?