Want to earn blynk free energy?

Hello everyone!! I need an emergency help. If anyone is interested to help me I’ll buy whooping 50,000 of blynk energy for him (for your any blynk account). Interested one can comment below. 5000 before the work & remaining are after the wok. Its a promise. And please don’t banned me. I’m in a serious problem.

Blynk energy isn’t as desirable as it once was…

If you’re looking for someone to write code for you then it would probably make sense to give an outline of your project so that people can judge whether they have this required skills, and how much work they’re letting themselves in for in exchange for something that will cost you around €40

My thoughts on this (and I don’t represent Blynk in any way) is that if your project doesn’t work-out the way you want it to then please don’t come back to the forum and complain to us. Also, please don’t expect much assistance from the forum when you want an additional feature adding and you don’t have the skills to add it to someone else’s code.



If you had spent any time in the forum reading… you would realise that anyone with the skills to do your work for you, is most likely already running their own Local Server and thus in full control of their own energy resources :wink:

You are basically offering a fish a cup of water to swim in the ocean for you :fish:

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