Want to connect esp32 with mobile device using BLYNK on linux platform with eclipse

I am working on sparkfun esp32 dev board.

I am using linux platform and eclipse for firmware purpose.

I am done with flashing my ble_adv code into board it also advertise but Unable to pair with mobile device.
So I am trying to use BLYNK app to connect esp32 and mobile device. how can i use blnk at linux platform.
I tryed once to flash blnynk code avilable for linux platform .but i was failed .
Sp please help me how v can i flash blynk code into my esp32 boaed without Ardiuno IDE

Thank You

Why not use the tried and tested method of the Arduino IDE?

I an using Eclipse IDE . So i want to flsh the blynk code using eclipse or make command on linux platform.

The Arduino IDE runs on Linux. Good luck with Eclipse.

I know Arduino IDE run on linux but i have to use eclipse because of some reason so can you tell me using eclipse or make command how can i use BLYNK???