Wake on wan widget

To create a widget that sends magic packets with the target MAC address over the internet allowing the auth device to broadcast locally and trigger a WOL in the target machine.

Possible application: Powering up and switching ON remote WOL enabled pc/laptops/servers with only the Blynk app and one Arduino board


Yaay, this looks like a super-cool idea.
But I think it can be done using the widgets we already have.
How about writing your virtual pin BLYNK_WRITE handler, which will do all required actions (send magic packets)?
Just connect it to a Button widget and give it a go!


While opening this thread I also tried to lay down some code and finally I have the perfect setup…Still I think would be nice to have the WOL/WOW built in both in the libraries and in the app.



Hey! Happy to hear that! :smile:
Sorry, I don’t think we will add it in near time (or at all).
We provide a GENERIC framework which allows you to do YOUR actions remotely.
And, we can’t pull-in every possible specific application…

Hope for your understanding.

Would you like to share your source code ?
Also I have a similar need.

I actually though about this when I first found this awesome app! Would love to see your code for wol! Would you mind sharing it?