WAGO CC100 and Blynk via MQTT

Hello Blynk Community,
I’m seeking assistance with an MQTT project involving an industrial controller from WAGO Germany, specifically the CC100 (751-9301 - Compact Controller 100 (751-9301) | WAGO), and establishing a connection with Blynk via MQTT. While I have a basic understanding of the concept, I require guidance on configuring the Blynk console. I’m unsure which steps to follow for the Blynk configuration.
Your expertise and guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

It’s difficult to provide any guidance on the Blynk console setup unless you provide some info on what you’re trying to achieve.

At the very least you’ll ned to create a template and define some datastreams, then create a device based on that template.
You’ll then have the Auth token for your Blynk device, and the datastream names which are your MQTT topics.