Voice control widget

How about adding voice control widget ?


Is this on your road map ??
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I think some sort of AI will make Blynk more smarter.

Budie no need of that link tasker with auto voice and rest api everything works like a charm hope that helps!!

I know that but it based on Android device. & Not much powerful.
Have you saw Mark zukarburg’s jarvis??

I have already started to make my own jarvis

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I’d like to see intergration of Siri or Google Assistant in to Blynk instead. This way, you could use the global user to control the app.

I’d also like to see Apple Watch support.

@Jamin Integration with Siri would be awesome, but unfortunately Siri does not support such tasks like Blynk does. Only certain, small set of third-party apps (e.g. VoIP calling and messaging apps) can make integration at the moment.