Virutal button and physical button? 3D printer

Hello! I’ve managed to get the blynk cloud server working properly.
And now, when it works, is the question? I can use the app to turn on and off of my machine from anywhere? but I also want to have a physical button on the machine? so that i can power on/off the machine in without the app if needed,
then I need an input to the Arduino? that receives signal (high When button is pressed?) (momentary switch)
I use a Arduino Uno with a Ethernet shield and the example Blynk_Ethernet library.

I’m not so good on the Arduino language yet and do not know how I should proceed,
one thing thats required is that the physical button not interfer with the virutal one?

my setup:
Arduino Uno -> ethernet shield -> Relay (Analog Pin 1) (triggers main 230v line) -> 24V Power Supply.

is there any one who can help me with the code? would be super happy!:slight_smile:

Hi, it’s the most requested feature so far. And it’s almost ready.

hm, interesting topic, did u find the solution?

Take a look at the Sync Physical Switch example in the Sketch Builder (It’s the last example in the list).


hm, thank u for tips, guys!