virtualWrite calls running slow after I spammed the server

So i made a newbie mistake, i thought putting the terminal widget on my app, so I could see the debug output of my app was a cool idea, then i put a debug line in the loop and suddenly I spammed the server - so dumb!!!

Once i removed it it the virtualWrite calls that had previously been quick are running slow, like more than a second, my whole app is running like dog now. I thought some kind of quenching algorithm had been applied to my template to ensure I didn’t spam the server, I assumed that it would ease off over time back to full speed. Its been nearly 24 hours now and everything is still running slow. Is there a waiting time for everything to restore to normal ? A punishment for doing something stupid, that’s okay, but when will it be back to normal? Or is the server running slow? something else maybe? Any help would be appreciated!


Are you sure that there’s nothing else in your code that could be an issue?

Have you tried creating another device based on this template and doing a basic test of speed using this?

If you want to echo your serial output to the terminal widget then this is the best approach…

Be aware that you need to connect the Rx and Tx pins of your board together (if they are next to each other as they are on a NodeMCU or Wemos D1 Mini then you can do this with a jumper). When these pins are connected you won’t be able to upload code via the USB port unless your remove the jumper. Uploading via OTA is still possible though, if your board supports it.

Also, be aware that the Terminal widget in Blynk IoT does not retain data, so if you close the app (or maybe even if you switch away from the app) the historical terminal data won’t be visible anymore.



We don’t have much restrictions for the hardware side. If you don’t exceed limit of 50 req/sec you should be fine. Most likely you also did some code changes that made this happen.

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