Virtual Pins keep as "Busy" Status even if Widget cancelled


I designed a simple Slider in a Test project.
I wanted to move this slider to a new TAB called “Settings”…
I deleted the Slider, and created a new one. However, my Virtual Pin used in my application was then marked as Busy, and I could not use it anymore…

Did I do something wrong ?

Thanks for your help,



Hello. Is that Android or iOS? What app version?

Sorry Dimitri,
I should have said that before. Accept my apologies.

It is on iPhone (6S plus if necessary). IOS 9.3.4 or 3 (Matest to date).



What about Blynk app version? Is that latest one?

Blynk Iphone app : 2.5.1
Blynk library 0.3.8

Using Arduino IDE to develop code…


Dear @MizMiz,

Try to logout and then to login again.
In case even after this you will be able to reproduce this issue - please let us know.

I logged out and logged in again, and it works !!!

Thanks a lot.


I met the same problem as your situation. this is a bug.
IOS 9, arduino IDE 1.4.7 sublimetext,

from what century is Arduino IDE 1.4.7?

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Please update to latest Arduino IDE and libraries :slight_smile: