Virtual pins and bit calculations

I am really enjoying the Blynk community. So far I have been able to turn on and off a LED with the app. I also have been able to read analog pin from my Arduino to the app.
I’ve read a lot about virtual inputs but can’t quite figure them out. I would like to send an input into my Arduino and be able to see it on my cell phone through a LED widget.
Also when I read the analog signal from my Arduino I get the value back in bits and im not sure how to convert that to let’s say voltage.
Thanks in advance I am a rooky.

Please check the examples called GetData and PushData here

Another looong thread is here: Virtual pin reading

We don’t know what’s connected to your Analog Pin, so I can’t tell you how to deal with it. Best way is for you to convert it as you wish and use Virtual Pins to send to Blynk app.