Virtual Pins above 127 not recognized in Arduino IDE

I think this one is simple. I notice that the Blynk keywords V1 through V127 work fine in Arduino’s IDE. Thanks, very helpful. Above V127, not so much. The IDE does not recognize them. When using plain integers as Vpin values in #define statements, they don’t appear to work with BLYNK_WRITE, for example.

#define BIG_VPIN 200  // Because #define BIG_VPIN V200 does not get recognized by Arduino IDE!

BLYNK_WRITE ( BIG_VPIN )  // This will not get called with a V200-assigned widget
  Serial.println ( "BIG_VPIN just got hit" ); 

When hitting the Virtual pin 200 datastream, BLYNK_WRITE is not called. BLYNK_DEFAULT_WRITE gets called instead. I’ve tried this with several pin numbers over 127.

Am I missing something here?


Thanks @PeteKnight
I hadn’t found that reference, will try #define BLYNK_USE_256_PINS

Weird restriction. All the Vpin selectors go to 255 without any warnings.