Virtual PIN history data not available


I have project for electricity consumption metering. Daily consumption is showed in my Android application, everithing work OK. Usualy twice a mont I download history data for three PINs. Today I realize that, in history data i hawe only three records.
Thise data is used for aditional analisys. As you see in picture abowe, data for 14. to 25. january is missing.


Is it possible to get this data from blynk server? I dont use local server. Thanks in advance for help.

Hello. Hm. That strange. Are you sure hardware filled those records?

Yes, this data is visible on my phone. When date is changet (new day), program write daily elektricity consumption as yesterday consumption. I check thise values every day on phone and they was always there.
Yesterday (27. 1. 2018) I added new device to my project. But I get PIN value (via REST) for one day before. Can be this somehow connected?

Which widgets are you using to see the data on your phone?

It is Value display, connected with V16. Same situation with V26 and V36.

Today I try to get history values again. But I got only three values, same as yesterday. This is my application, with marked value of yesterday consumption.

With I got this: image
As you see, this is current value.

But return only this:

Any idea, what is going on? I got history values for most virtual PINs without problem. Thank you.

How often do you write values? Right now you should get at least data for 7 days via CSV export.


I write this values once a day, quickly after midnight. This is daily electricity consumption.
At this moment I get values for just for four day. Yesterday consumption is now included.

Best regard, Štefan.