Virtual pin does not work after implementing changes

I just noticed the following. If I assign to V2 a variable, in this case “dewPoint”, later I make some changes, like the second virtualWrite, now the virtual V2 does not work at all, even removing data between quotes, in other words setting it back to its original assignment or first virtualWrite.

Blynk.virtualWrite(V2, dewPoint); <== First configuration
Blynk.virtualWrite(V2, dewPoint, "dewPoint", "\n"); <== Changes implemented

At this point V2 does not work anymore, I have to assign the variable to another virtual pin

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What exactly do you mean by "doesn’t work’?

I have a similar problem, when i change the data virtual pin on arduino code, the data on web dashboard and mobile app weren’t change

It does not display any data anymore. It’s dead in the water. Did you try to duplicate the problem?

@italex33 @GDR94 please post screenshot. This flows are covered with tests and its works fine. I think you are talking about template view, not device view. Screenshot will help here.

this is my code from blynk’s examples

and then this is my dashboard

Freqmeter is integer, i put 77 but not show up on dashboard
Name 2 is integer, i put 8 but not show up on dashboard
Name 3 is string, i put “TEST” on arduino but not show up on dashboard

Can you post a screenshot of how the datastreams are configured in the Template view?


that is okay?



@GDR94 Thanks a lot!

@GDR94 One thing I found in your sketch - you send values before the .begin() method. that’s not correct. Checkout example here - Virtual Pins - Blynk Documentation. You need to push data with timer with required frequency.

Most likely that’s the case.

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As @Dmitriy spotted, you are trying to send the data to Blynk before your device is connected to the Blynk server.
Even placing these commands immediately after the Edgent.begin command may not work as expected.

If you just want to send the data once then you could put it inside a BLYNK_CONNECTED() function, which won’t be processed until the device is connected to the server.


Nah as i mentioned before, timer still have a bug. BlynkTimer can’t use for right now

I’ll try it

GDR94 is right. You guys need to use timer to duplicate the problem, this mean we cannot have clean void loop anymore, sorry Pete.

If not using timer, still I cannot use “Labeled Value.” If I include a label, the value including the label is NOT display, if I remove the label, the value is displayed. Very buggy stuff, time-consuming to debug it.