Virtual device

It would be nice if there was a way to create a Virtual device to run code on to be able to do math and rout virtual pins on. This can be useful when we only use the phone sensors for the app function.
Is this already possible?
If so, can anyone point me in the right directions?
I’m running a self hosted server.


I guess that if you use the Android version of the app then the Eventor widget goes part of the way to doing what you describe:


Right now you can do this with very simple rules in Eventor. For more complex formulas and flows - not possible right now. However, this is possible in the new Blynk Platform (it is not released to the public yet). Complex rules and formulas already supported there and used by industrial companies.

I found this old topic so I thought I’d just bring it back to life. Are there any plans to bring the “rules” and “formulas” to the regular Blynk IoT plans? Specifically PRO. Thanks.

@dksmc we have a Rule Engine. But the main problem with it - is has no UI. And UI for it would be a super huge task. It’s like a build your own NodeRed version within blynk. So for now we manually do setup custom rules/formulas for business clients. In future, of course, when we have UI for it we’ll make it public.

Thanks a lot for the info @Dmitriy it sounds like the Rule Engine you have is very powerful. It definitely sounds like it is beyond what we’d need. Just to continue to the conversation, I know Ubidots has kind of split the two functions. They have their own “Rules Engine”, but they also have a “Formulas” function.

An example that is “Blynified” would be this: VPin1 is sent to Blynk Cloud, I can then apply a formula of VPin1 * 1.1 = VPin1+10% (or make it VPin2, etc) Of course the formula could be more complicated.

The reason this would be helpful is because in our industry there is an endless number of substrate combinations. There is no way we can include everything in the firmware. Also with a battery powered device we want to keep everything as lite as possible.

We could/can send the formula to the hardware I guess through a widget, but it would be much smoother if we could just do everything right on the dashboard.

Just some thoughts/comments!