Virtual "arm" switch

I’m new to Blynk, and I have created a project to open and close my garage door.
Basically, I have a blynk push-button that triggers a pin on my feather huzzah.

Because this works anywhere in the world from my phone, I want to make it so I can’t “pocket dial” my garage door.

Can someone suggest how to make a virtual button that I need to hold, in order for the other button to be active?


You will need to use code and virtual pins for this, but basically some simple boolean logic and/or flag setting and flag checks should work.

Pseudo code example:

If Button1 == HIGH && Button2 == HIGH then do something, else do nothing.

Thanks, so to be clear, I do this in the arduino code.
I’ve never coded the virtual-buttons for this. guess I’ll need to figure it out.


Thanks Gunner, that’s exactly what I needed.

Sorry, almost exactly what I needed.
It says “Don’t place Blynk.virtualWrite(V5) inside void loop()”

Where do I put it? I’m still basic to arduino stuff.

Basicly we recommend keeping almost everything out of the void loop() and using timers to call functions as needed.

Start reading through the documents in the Help Center, and check out the examples in the Sketch Builder to get a better hang of the Blynk process.