Virtual Arduino with Blynk

Virtual Arduino with Blynk
This is my first attempt to utilize Blynk app for creating virtual IoT environment. I aim to build IoT projects without having to use extra hardware shields. This is built for my students in class. I thought it is good to share it which may inspire other to embrace same technique to build sophisticated projects without having budget as barrier.

Virtual Arduino and Blynk from wbadry on Vimeo.


Hello sir,
I saw your video. Nice work.
Can you explain how you connect proteus with blynk app??
I am new to simulation software. Can you explain in detail??

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@wbadry Good project DR waleed :smile: what about making instructable or make illustration for blynkers :wink:

@saurabh47 @JohnNassiem
Here is the indestructible link
Control Simulated Arduino Circuit With Android Blynk App - First Project : LEDs

Happy Blynking