Virtial Pin = Digital Pin

I can use blynk with my uno or Wemos devices. Very easy to use a button on App with Digital and Virtual pins! But I would like to use LED and can’t seem to find the code to turn on Led on my App when a pin on my device goes high on D8. LED only uses virtual pins! I guess I would have to have virtual pin = digital pin in some kind of code on my device. it’s not very clear on the docs for virtual pins. Can someone lead me in the right direction?

Hello. We have few examples showing how you can work with LED

can you give me some code to do that
i want to turn on led in V0 when pin D1-HIGH. I read every thing about virtual and read-write data but i upload to ESP8266 nodemcu it not working
Please help me!

@thanhtung Go look at >this link here<

Look for the example called Widgets/LED/LED_StatusOfButton

@Dmitriy is it possible to add the examples browser link to the top of the main page alongside DOCS?

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Thanks! this example is what I needed