View data on PC

I’d like to view the sensor data I’ve been logging with an ESP8266/DS18B20 on my windows PC.
As cool as it is to see this on my phone, it is a bit small sometimes!

@Ricky_Lee with a bit of work this feature is already available as exporting of data in CSV format was added to Blynk in recent days.

You can always install some program like BlueStacks or similar to run android on your PC. This way you can run Blynk and open your projects there. That’s what I do since I use a WP and Blynk people don’t like us :cry:

Both the Digistump OAK and the Particle photon devices not only work w Blynk, they are also connected to the Particle cloud. This gives a fairly easy way to see and get values on your PC. Digistump has widgets that will display variables on your PC much like Blynk widgets using their (free) Digistump dashboard. The OakTerm program functions as a “serial monitor” for the Oak and one just uses Particle.print() fuction like a Uno w USB to your PC. You can also fairly easily read values from Particle using fairly simple python code. If you need another wifi capable device, consider one of these??