Videostream from Raspberry won't work


i created a car with 4 DC-motors. It is controlled with Blynk and a Raspberry Pi with direct access to the GPIO.

Now I want to add a camera with a video stream. So I set up motion and started the streaming server. It is reachable under the IP-Adress under port 8081.

In my web-browser the stream works very well, but in the widget is only a grey frame shown.

The stream is coded in mp4 and has a resolution of 480x360 pixel with 10 fps.

How can I fix the problem?

Do I have to configure anything else, or should I change the codec?

What type of video stream are you using? HTTP live streaming, MJPEG, RTSP, etc? Can you provide more details on your stream.

Which version of the app and on what platform (Android or iOs) we talk about?