Video widget using esp8266


I’m facing a problem regarding the video widget when combined with my full project, but when it’s separate on its own project it works fine.
My project is a remote-controlled car based on Arduino UNO and the esp8266 wifi module. I wanted to add video from the esp 32-cam to my project it worked fine on its own separate project but when i try to add the widget to the original remote car project it doesn’t work and it gives an error.
Im using the link
http:// x.x.x.x:81/stream

Can you elaborate on these statements?


My apologies I meant ESP 32-cam for the statement. “I wanted to add video from the esp8266”, I edited it in the original post.
and I’m using an ESP8266 module to connect my Arduino UNO to WiFi.

My project originally started with Arduino UNO and ESP8266 module with the L293D motors … etc to control the car over the internet and it worked fine.
Now I’m willing to add video from my ESP32-CAM (AI THINKER) to this particular project.
So first I started testing my ESP32-CAM on its own project in the App, it worked fine.
but, when I decided to add it to my original project the car it didn’t work (The video widget) and it showed an error.

Different Auth tokens on each device?
Correct device selected in the video widget?


I’m not using an Auth token on the ESP-32 cam since it gives me a LAN link
and what do you mean by the correct device selected in the video widget?
this is what I get in my Video widget.

Sorry I’m not sure on how to select the device for the widget specifically.

Okay, I just found out I can add a new device and link it to my video widget.
Thank you Mr. Pete I will try that and I will update the post.

Okay, I thought that you were allocating a virtual pin and setting the stream that way.

Have you tried retesting your working setup again?



It doesn’t work. I spent a lot of time with and ESP8266 and ESP32-CAM sending an mjpeg stream and there is no solution apart from splitting the phone screen and running Blynk in one half and the a web browser in the other half with the video. I guess the Vdeo Streaming widget is buffering the stream and the buffer is two small and as a result cannot keep up even with QVGA.

As an aside I set up a RPi zero as an access point and a local Blynk server. It worked fine until I browsed to the video stream then the Pi fell over even though the network stayed up. I think the problem is that the RPi is to slow to route a video stream along with its other tasks.

What flavour and version of the app are you using?


wget “

So perhaps a couple of releases behind


App is running on Android 10 Blynk 2.27.29

You should probably join the Beta programme (done in Playstore) and download the latest Beta version (2.27.1- I think).
You should also update your local server to the latest version (0,41.15 I believe).

There have been some significant changes to the video widget in the beta version of the Android app.


Will do thank you



My phone is saying I have version 2.27.29 updated on the 15th April 2021 but I have joined the beta program

You need to install the beta version.