Video streaming

Alguem sabe alguma microcamera que possa usar?

Hi, this is an English speaking community. Please use a translator.

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(No hablo español, solo google translate)
¿Cómo se relaciona esto con blynk?
¿Para qué te gustaría usar la cámara?
En qué hardware, etc?

QaQ jaj blynk wo’ batlh

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hey, @Gunner, don’t be bad! :wink:

Sorry!! I will use english now!!

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Así que quería utilizar en un sistema de seguridad del coche … Supervisar el coche (en torno a los puntos estratégicos) entender?

¿Me podría dar su correo electrónico?

Were you able to translate it? I should have just stayed with DaHjaj QaQ jaj Blynk, mixing in batlh wo’ is like mixing metaphors :wink:

Tienes que considerar, los formatos que soporta el video widget

Yes! I used Translator google too, it help me! I don’t speak fluent english! Only basic!!

But what would be the hardware options I would have at first without knowing the type of video? So which ones do you have available?

There are so many options available… but they still have compatibility problems with Video Widget.

@BlynkAndroidDev has a patch that helps increase compatibility for the Video Widget. You can get it here:

Sorry to confuse you about the translation question to @wanek … I was originally responding to @Jamin in Klingon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I understand!
I am going to see… thank you…

maj jatlh jupwI’!

I died a bit inside, this is actually a thing