Video Streaming with Nest Cam

I needed to integrate a video stream into my Blynk project. I scoured the forums looking for the correct camera and code. There were some hints but nothing really definitive to go on. I fell back on what I needed for my hardware and Blynk. I needed 5V with the easiest integration to a power source (i.e. USB) and Blynk requires a URL to feed into the stream widget. I settled on the Nest Cam Outdoor. Brand name and readily available. It has a USB that can be plugged directly into a 5V battery or a transformer to plug it into the wall. You can also get a direct link to the URL feed through your Nest account. Setup your camera according to the directions. Obtain the URL in the sharing options. It will look something like this:


Entering this URL directly (hardware or app) into Blynk will return an error. Doing some digging led me to iSpy. They have an applet that converts the Nest URL into a usable format. Follow this link and input the Nest URL.

The resulting URL should look something like this:

Input the following code outside of the void functions

Blynk.setProperty(V2, "url", "https://_insert camera URL here_");

Insert URL in the widget and set the corresponding virtual pin.

Worked on the first try. Hope this helps people in the quest for simpler video streaming.


thnx for sharing!!