[Video Streaming Widget] URL saving broken in Android version 1.16.5

Last Android app 1.16.5 update on 13 November brought an issue.

Last days I was experimenting with video streaming widget and was able to configure it. I made a short video description of configuration process:

But now after an update to 1.16.5 version I have an issue:
I am not able to save ‘URL Address’ option in widget which starts with ‘rtsp://’

Steps to reproduce:
Edit ‘URL Address’ option so that it starts with ‘rtsp://’, for example:

Result: it is not saved and there is no any notification/error.

But if you save it with:

All is ok.

I think it is a bug, because my setup only works with ‘rtsp’ and it used to work, but in new version of app it is broken.

[update] I have downgrated to version 1.16.4 and confirm that i can save option starting with ‘rtsp://’:

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@sadmafioso thanks for the heads up, I’ll try to stay on 1.16.4 until I have had chance to use your video streaming fix.

Thanks. We’ll try to fix ASAP.

@sadmafioso @Costas we just did a fix. So within 1 hour build will be available in store. It has same version 1.16.5.

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@Dmitriy how will we know it is the fixed version? Perhaps waiting a few days is the only sure fire way.

I have disabled auto update of Blynk app on all my devices.

@Costas @Dmitriy just updated from play store. Fixed. Great!

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