Video Streaming widget old buffer

I’m successfully using the Video Streaming widget to show my entryway RTSP feed and I need a live view in order to let delivery people in as fast as I can. The problem is that the widget will play buffer from hours ago if it was already in play mode when I left the app. I have to stop, then restart the widget (by tapping the widget twice) to get a live feed. Is there a way to force that action (even in code on the microcontroller)?

App version is 2.23.0 on iOS 11.4.1.

I wonder if using a timer to occasionally refresh the URL might have the desired effect?

But I believe sending the exact same url string will be ignored, you need to modify it somehow or just clear it first and then send the url…

Thanks guys.

Sounds like Eugene’s hack might work, so I’ll try it. This should be a toggle or, really, a default behavior for the widget though.

Alright, so it works. Kinda. The code below does succeed in resetting the stream buffer when the BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED event is sent. The problem is that the event is only sent when the app is restored from iOS sleep, which only happens after a while and not every time the app is loaded.

BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED() { Serial.println("Blynk App Connected. Resetting stream URL.");
Blynk.setProperty(V1, "url", "rtsp://nothing:1554/21");
Blynk.setProperty(V1, "url", "rtsp://real_hostname:1554/21");