Video Streaming widget buffering

ESP32-CAM with the Video Streaming widget
I know that this topic has arisen with members suggesting that the delays are as a result of lack of “resources” in the phone. However opening up a web browser and pointing this to the video stream URL then there is very little delay. When using the same URL with the Video stream widget the delay is in seconds. This suggests that the Blynk app is delaying the stream. The delay is significantly worse running Blynk on an IPad IOS with the word ‘buffering’ popping up in the video window for around 5 seconds. Since this does not occur when running in a browser why is Blynk causing the buffering.

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Seems I have the same issue.

As a short term solution I split the screen in my android phone and used Blink in one and web browser in the other.

Anyone else seeing this issue using beta 2.28.11?

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I am using 2.28.11 which has this issue. However I think the solution is to take a different approach such as using WebView but I do not know if this would be compatible with the Blynk framework.