Video streaming using raspberry pi 3 and Web cam

Hello everyone, I want to know that how do I stream video on blynk app using a raspberry pi 3 and a simple Web cam.


First you need to find out how to stream a video signal using your particular camera from the RPi… you will need to Google that question to find RPi support or instructable pages for such, as that is NOT a Blynk function.

Then in your Blynk App, you simply add in that functional video stream URL into the Video Streaming Widget and it should work


Just to clarify, the App (nor the server or the Blynk Library) does NOT stream anything, the Widget only plays back an existing network stream.

Is the rule same if I want to steam it remotely.

What rule? Define stream remotely. I don’t understand the questions.

I use some cheap FOSCAM ip cameras at home. 20 of them. They require a login. Most IP cams will accept a URL to the stream that includes the user name and password. Mine is like this for a Guest viewer.


You can see I have some port forwarding at my house. The widget works with the above URL format. Hope that helps someone.