Video streaming questions

hola a todos es un honor estar entre ustedes. Mi intencion es aprender a usar Blynk y necesito o quiero usar video con Blynk. Mi proyecto se trata de controlar un motor de combustion a distancia y vigilar por video y audio, ya he logrado hacerlo con video por separado pero con otra aplicacion y manteniendo dos telefonos en la mano, ahora quiero unificarlos, uso una wemos d1 y unos reles y el celular en el puesto de control que entrega internet a la tarjeta wemos es quien entrega video y audio usando una aplicacion llamada Alfred, yo con los dos telefonos controlo con Blynk el encendido y aceleracion del motor pero con un segundo telefono en la mano tengo el video y audio. Al final el punto A motor tiene un telefono y yo en punto B uso dos telefonos. Alguien le interesa ayudar con Video striming de Blynk. Gracias.

Hello everyone, it’s an honor to be among you. My intention is to learn to use Blynk and I need or want to use video with Blynk. My project is about controlling a remote combustion engine and monitor video and audio, I have already managed to do it with video separately but with another application and keeping two phones in hand, now I want to unify them, use a wemos d1 and some relays and the cell phone in the control post that delivers the internet to the wemos card is the one that delivers video and audio using an application called Alfred, I with the two phones control Blynk the ignition and acceleration of the engine but with a second phone in my hand I have the video and audio. In the end the point A motor has a phone and I in point B use two phones. Someone is interested in helping with Video Striming by Blynk. Thank you.


Please use English or a translator for this forum. Thank you.

There are a few topics about video streaming in this forum… search for keywords like Video Streaming :wink: and start reading.


Blynk’s Video Streaming Widget is very simple to use… enter a suitable URL and if it works you see the video… if it doesn’t then you have to play around with the URL as required… particularly if there is any authentication. There is not one way to layout the URL… as it is generally based on the camera or camera software side, an many do things there own way.

But basically thats it.