Video streaming from RaspberryPi3 and PiCam

Hello all.

For the last few days I’ve been scouring the forums and researching outside this forum about how to get a video stream running on a PiCam connected to a Raspberry Pi3 (that part works) and then getting it to display in the blynk video widget (can’t get this to work). I’ve had no luck and am about to smash my pi into pieces :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried lots of different streaming methods, v4l raw mjpeg/h264 included but nothing will show on the widget…reluctant to install vlc as the delay (mentioned in this forum) would be an issue

Has anyone on the forum successfully viewed a PiCam stream from the blynk widget? If so, would you mind sharing how?

…would you believe it, I got it working 5 minutes after posting the question…I don’t think the widget worked with hostnames? When I put in the ip, it worked…

for those who are interested, I used this tool to create an rtsp feed without installing vlc and then entered the rtsp address in the blynk widget.