Video Streaming from ESP32 camera http bitmap with local server

I’m running iggr’s camera code on an ESP32 which runs a http server and (as I understand) publishes the video as a sequence of bitmap data from an ip address . I can view the video QVGA, in a web browser at which works . Also Im running a local Blynk server on a Rpi3. My android phone doesn’t display the video in its web browser (or the blynk app) . I thought I could use VLC on the Rpi to transcode and stream back out but VLC doesn’t recognize the http format either. I’m going at this from both ends, I can try to encode the esp32 in a compatible format for vlc . Just wondered if anyone else has tried this or has encoded for the RTSP or HLS format’s or if Blynk development may be supporting other formats in the future.

Who/What/Where? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: When posting such, it helps to include more details and reference so we don’t all have to go digging to determine what you are talking about… even I don’t have that much free time :wink:

It already does… but your issue is probably entirely on the ESP32’s broadcasting, stream, encoding, format, etc. side… If even VLC can’t read it, then Blynk Video Widget never will.

Hi Gunner,
I agree the problem is almost entirely with the esp32 streaming but i just wanted to see how th eproblem could be solved from both ends

No real tweeking option availed on the Widget side… it either works or it doesn’t… based almost entirely on the stream format itself. e.g. reduce bandwidth and disable audio if available.

Oh… apparently that is NOT outputting a video stream… it is an ASCII art representation… not something the Video Widget will ever read :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I suppose you could try to mess around with the Webhook and Terminal widget… but even that might not be any good for more than a simple static frame capture… if it works at all.

Guys, I have been working on this issue and was able to successfully stream to VLC, browsers and Blynk video widget.
Also implemented multi-client streaming.
Please check these repos: (single client) (up to 10 clients) (up to 10 clients using latest ESP32-cam drivers from espressif).

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