Video Stream is not connected - what device to use?

Hi, I’ve read the Docs and many posts and I must be missing something pretty fundamental - apologies in advance.

I can find any mention of where the device in the Video Stream project fits in. I have a valid URL (poert forward all that stuff working on other apps) - but when I run the project I get the Videao Stream Test is offline - of course it is I dont have a device - do I need one?

Is there a diagram somewhere because I’m cleraly missing something fundamantal.


Not sure I follow your issue/question… the Video Stream widget is just a simple widget that displays a valid video stream URL entered into it… while there are a few more complications getting the valid type of stream … there is nothing much more to it, and if you type the URL directly into the widget, you do not even need a vPin or device.

Although now you can assign it a vPin and use that to enter that URL from your code (and yes, that part would require a device) :wink:

Blynk.setProperty(vPin, "url", "http://my_new_video_url");

For example… note, the device is off-line and there is no vPin assigned.

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When you create a new project you must choose a device and connection type, by fault the fields are populated with ESP8266 and WiFi. Create project then generates/emails a token.
When you add the video streaming widget, insert the URL thats fine. But when you run the project you get a notification that “New Project is off line”

How does the project run of its looking for a non-existant device and token?

OK thnx - our response overlapped . . . so:

No device is needed, understood.

The project may be offline, but if the URL is a valid video stream it will still display video.

Understood, thnx

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Yup :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s OK… I wanted to double check… so I created a new project and added the video widget with same url… videoinception :smiley:

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Success with a test stream - my job now to make my wanted stream compatible.

Which camera do you use? @Gunner

I have used a few different types, usually old cell phones running an IP camera App. But also online (internet) streams and streams from my own security camera feeds.

If you have a project with details and need further assistance, please create a new topic. Thanks.