Very high background data usage

I’m running Blynk v 2.15.1 on my Nexus 5X (Android O (8.0.0)) with a local server (0.27.1) and I’ve noticed very high data usage.

Please note that this screen shot was taken just AFTER I disabled background data usage.

Any ideas what’s going on?


Hello. Please share your setup, widgets, devices, what exactly your project is doing?

My setup is very simple.

I’m running the local server on a Rpi with the latest updates.

My main project is called “ManCave” and it has four devices:

And I have a second project “lounge” that has a live stream and an eventor to turn lights on/off.


@Dmitriy, as I typed that I realised that Blynk could be keeping the stream open in the background.

My camera only has local network access which could be why I’m not getting any high usage on mobile data or when I am not at home.

Wow, It’s very strange for Android O. It’s probably connected with a live stream, does it have a sound?

Okay so I’ve just downloaded “Network Monitor Mini” and done some testing (that ISTQB certification is proving useful!).

If I open the “lounge” project that has the video stream, my network usage is around 10Mb/s but the stream is stopped if I press the home button and my usage goes back to 0Kb/s.

If I open the “lounge” project and start the stream (which happens automatically) and then move to the “ManCave” project, data usage stays at 10Mb/s. If I then press the home button, data usage remains at 10Mb/s until I go to the Android task manager to close Blynk.

Thanks, I’ll check why video streaming is not stopping.

Thanks :slight_smile: