Very confused, is bluetooth HC-06 Supported?

Hi, I am 11 years old and using Arduino for a my science project. I wanted to create dashboards using data id be collecting from different sensors. I tried connecting a HC-06 using some sample code I found online. I can’t get my device to come online. I tried everything. Does Bluetooth work anymore?

Bluetooth is not supported in Blynk IoT.


Hi, @PeteKnight,

The docs says beta. So is not bet either?

The Legacy docs say Beta, the IoT docs say Not Supported (Yet).

Personally, I doubt if it will ever be supported, because the Legacy implementation was messy and Bluetooth is not compatible with IoT principals, because for IoT to work all devices need to be connected to the Internet and Bluetooth is exactly the opposite - device to device communication.

You should probably take a look at MIT App Inventor if you want Bluetooth rather than WiFi support.