Value/text input widget

Sorry if this is a duplicate, but i couldnt find any similar suggestions.

I would really like a input widget for sending text and values from the app to the device.
I need this for some variables i would be able to configure without connecting the computer a.
The way i could see this widget could be like a drop down or some kind of selection method with a number of selected variables read from the device. Then it should be possible to enter a value and send it. this would also save some space avoiding a widget for every variable.

I don’t know if this is realistic the way blynk works, so second best would be a text field tied to a virtual pin, just like the slider.

BTW. Great work with the 0.2.2 hardware release, and android update.




exactly right now I’m working on that widget for Android =) - Terminal. Optimistically at Sunday it could be released.


That’s great to hear. looking forward to try it out. Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

The widget Terminal is not bad, but can you implement a “normal” text input Field?


Should be able to enter decimal values as well.

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Bumping this as I think it would be a great feature.
Currently, a nice UX alternative to Terminal is to the menu and enter some common values as the items.
I have been using this method to select a threshold % for some sensors.
I would love a full-duplex char/text/value box… one that can send a command to AND from the hardware.

One more vote here for a simple text input field. Would like to set up a waveshare 4.3" e-paper display with esp8266 and send text from Blynk. For now I’m looking at possibilities with MQTT or just running a web server directly on the esp8266 to control output to the display (this may be the best way to do it but somewhat rules out access from the internet). In the end I want something like this clock but I will display a name (like an office/cube nameplate) and “presence” status. Might also be useful at home as a sort of messaging/bulletin board for things like “feed the cat” or whatever.

I am making a large display board. Really really need a text input box so I can display a variable message. Can’t see how I can do it without an input text box. I would like to input a message and then have a push button to display the message.

Have been playing with Blynk just tonight. What a great idea! Not sure about the pricing model yet?

@robertz Terminal widget?

Curious why this was not implemented yet after ~2 years. Not important enough? I still would like to see a basic text box input. The terminal is overkill for what I need, the slider is too hard to stop on a precise number, and the step is not fast enough to swing through large ranges of values (0-1000).

You can always capture text coming in from the terminal, extract it into a variable and process it anyway you want. E.g I get a command “S1 text1” which enables change the label property of switch 1 to text1.

You can convert the text to numbers, validate it and then act on it.

I guess @world101 knows about it, but not everyone may need output field, which occupies most of the terminal widget part. As a compromise, @Dmitriy: Just add a switch to existing terminal widget to turn on/off terminal output window??

And how about using several “Menus”?

you can do that with LCD widget et some code




I ended up using Menus after all, and I set them dynamically using the Blynk.setProperty function. Not quite what I wanted, but I entered enough items in the menu to give the user many options.

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