Value + Menu + Player Widget (Temperature Based Music Player)

I have this project to build an app that can play music based on the temperature. But I dont know if it is possible for blynk to do such task that the music player read music playlist that the user build in the menu widget based on the temperature on the value widget.

I want to know if anyone of you can help me to do this thing.

  1. the menu widget add items from user phone.
  2. Player widget will play the music playlist from menu widget which is the items.
  3. Music playlist comes up based on the temperature value.

This sounds (pun intended) like a totally cool idea. You gonna need an MP3 player module for the Arduino, but this should be fairly easy to achieve.

Lol punny jokes. Thank you btw. I will try that one.

Right now I concern about adding the items/playlist from user phone to the menu widget without using sd card to the board. Do you know how to do it?

There is something called “setProperty” with which you can manipulate the interface/widgets on the App side. I think that is the way you want to go. I’m not sure how far on IOS this goes, but it works well on Android.

-Ow wait, do you want to add things from playlists on the phone, e.g. an external application? Or from the SD card attached to the Arduino?

umm yes i want to add things from playlists on the phone exactly.

I’m not sure that is possible. There is, as far as I know, no way to read from an external App in Blynk. Unless the App maybe has a local API running which you can reach with the Blynk Api calls… could be very difficult I think.

This is exactly purpose those widgets were created for. However you don’t need menu here. You may use Table widget + Player widget

You need to read (or hardcode) file names from your SD card. Send it to Table widget with

table.addRow(index, fileName, songLength);

On Player widget “Play” click you make handler that starts plying song and selects in table table.pickRow(rowIndex); currently played song. That’s it.

I was able to code player with Blynk within 30 minutes. However my code is already gone :neutral_face:.

This is not possible technically. Only via some HTTP API if your playlist program have it.