Value in the "value display"

I need to display in a value display a value from 0 to 100,000. Can I do this?
It seems to me that the maximum viewable is 9999.
How can I do ?

Our biggest number has 30 digits !!!

It’s just a string so you can send what you like.

You say that is possible to convert the number in string and send to value display field ?

Should be no need to convert it… just send the data to the display.

e.g. Blynk.virtualWrite(vPin, value)

What is this big number anyhow, what code are you using to send it and what happens when you try to display it?


I using the arduino code. In my case, need to send the Lux sensor value to device.
I see the 1023 default value in the settings of the “value display” and I thought it was the limit need to set.
But is not so ?

If you simply delete the numbers there you will see it just says MIN and MAX… not that you need to delete those numbers… but if you do set your own min and max numbers then things like the optional colour gradient and other mapping features (poorly documented and doesn’t work very well, but that’s the squiggly thing in the middle of the ranges - See Introduction - Blynk Documentation)… can take effect on that set range.

But regardless… the display should show what you send it.

Thank you Gunner !!