Value Display truncated

With the new medium size value display I thought we might get more - but if you send text to either of these two ie the normal value display or the medium value display - it seems to be truncated. “7hrs22mins” gets truncated to “7hrs2”


I need this because the sliders can only show values - not text… as I move a slider I’m incrementing time by 15 minutes and I need to see it in hours and minutes- the LCD is way OTT for this…

And if it was only ever intended for numbers - why does it show letters and why put such a restriction?

I’m confirming the existence of this conspiracy against being able to use more than 5 characters on the M sized display widget on Android. Surely it can’t be a bug. :smirk:

@scargill Sorry. This is also a bug.

Thank heavens for that - I thought you might say it was meant for numbers only. Great well at least you can fix that and I can plough on, on the assumption it will be fixed soon. Cheers.