Value Display - displays wrong value on app re-connect


I have a several value display widgets in my project but I’m having a strange issue with one of them…

Every time my Blynk APP reconnects to the Blynk SERVER (cloud) the value display shows the value “11”.
There is nothing in my arduino code that I can find that writes the mystery value :astonished: “11”

If I stop the project using the square ‘stop’ button top right of the Blynk APP, then restart it with the triangle ‘play’ button the display widget then shows the correct text display that I am expecting.

if I minimise the Blynk APP (iOS) then re-open it within a few minutes everything is as it should be, the project refreshes immediately and the value display shows the expected text. BUT if I minimise the Blynk APP for a longer period of time then re-open it, the juggling dots appear for about 6 seconds then when it reconnects the mystery value “11” is back.:scream:

Does anyone have any clues as to where on earth my annoying “11” value might be coming from? If it was being written from my code, surely pressing ‘Stop’ then ‘Start’ on the APP would not fix it right? It has to be something to do with the APP reconnecting to the Blynk Server.

can you post your code please?

I think it would take all day for anyone to read it. Its big.

Plus the fact that I mention, if its in the code why does just stopping and starting the APP make the display change? Its something going on between the APP and the SERVER. The arduino code is just writing static text “OFF” to the Vpin associated with the display widget.

    void ControlPage  (int ZoneControlPage)
    if (OutputDriver[ZoneControlPage] == HIGH)
        Blynk.virtualWrite (V78, "ON");
        Blynk.virtualWrite (V78, "OFF");

@NickMurray can you post a couple of photos then. One with correct text and one showing “11”.
I don’t think I have ever seen this behaviour but that might be because I don’t use iOS.

yeah, that is realy weird

So the 11 always appears after these dots juggle around for about 6 seconds. Then if I press stop then play on the app the correct text is displayed

Unless @vshymanskyy or @Dmitriy are already aware of the problem, and a fix, I would suggest adding


to your sketch to see at what point “11” appears. As you may know DEBUG is only recommended to debug your sketch and should be removed once all is ok.

Ok, Thanks Costas.

I have never used DEBUG before, I don’t even know what it does but I’ll give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

Also is the code snippet you provided the ONLY place in your sketch where V78 appears i.e. have you searched for V78? From what you describe with the juggling dots it does suggest an iOS issue between server and app.

DEBUG shows the data being transmitted in “Blynk” format and error messages.

No it is written to in other places but only ever with “text” like “ON” or “OFF” or “No ZONE Selected”

I have extensively searched for the elusive “11” using searches for V78

Can you upload a picture showing “No Zone Selected”.

Does iOS have a text scaling facility for the Value Display’s that Android doesn’t have as I wasn’t aware you could show so much text?

Maybe “11” is Blynk code for “No Zone Selected” is too big to fit in the value display. Clutching at straws here.

Here you go, It does scale the text but I’m not sure how much text I can input, im not sure of the maximum.

Is android different?

@NickMurray AFAIK Android doesn’t scale.

@Dmitriy is text scaling only available for iOS?

iOS Blynk App scales it automatically depending on how much text

That must be why Android phones are only $40 ($5 in India) and iPhones $800 :slight_smile:

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Don’t start that war :wink:

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Thank you for reporting. We will check.

Dear @NickMurray,
Please contact me via skype (my username is shartax007) - I need your assistance to resolve this defect because we can’t reproduce it.