Using Webhook with Pushover push notification service & app

I am trying to get a webhook working with Pushover (a push notification service & app downloaded to my iPhone). I can get a push notice to my phone using the “curl” command from a command shell:

curl -s
–form-string “token=APP_TOKEN”
–form-string “user=USER_KEY”
–form-string “message=this is a test”

I am trying to do the same thing from my Blynk sketch but I am not having any success. This is how I am making the call in my sketch:

Blynk.virtualWrite(V7, "token=APP_TOKEN",  "user=USER_KEY ", "message=this is a test");

(APP_TOKEN and USER_KEY are replaced with the the values generated in my Pushover account)

This is how I have configured the webhook widget:

I have read and re-read the webhook document section but it is not clear to me how this should be setup:

Do I have the pins in the webhook body formatted correctly? What am I missing here?

I believe you’re not constructing your POST request correctly, try smth like:

TYPE: plain/text
BODY: token=/pin[0]/&user=/pin[1]/&message=/pin[2]/

Not sure whether this pushover server will handle plain/text type (most servers do), anyway I submitted a ticket to explicitly add application/x-www-form-urlencoded type: