Using the same Blynk Project with 2 different accounts

I made a simple mobile garage door opener and would like to have both myself and my wife be able to use it. I know when you use 2 separate accounts on Blynk you get different authentication codes. Is there a way to pass multiple authentication codes to the same project? I only found a 2 year old thread discussing this same issue and the only solution then was to use the same account. Has this been updated to allow multiple accounts on the same project?

Thanks in advance!

So you have the “share” option in your project settings and documented here:

But this requires your wife to have the QR code on hand in case her app loses connection… not very handy.

The way I’ve done it with my wife, so she can check our doorbell and gate logger, is create her own account and have a clone of the app (or create a ‘wife friendly’ version) which then sends bridge commands to your own project.


I think one of the reasons this hasn’t become the norm is that having multiple users all sharing a single project is part of the business side of Blynk… Make that feature available in the free Blynk means the developers have to downgrade from name brand Kraft Dinner to knockoff ichiban noodles and we all lose out on fancy new widgets :wink:

Hadn’t thought about the bridge option. I’ll give that a go. Thanks for the info.

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