Using Terminal widget to pass multiple values from app to device?

I’d like to pass multiple (integer in my case) values from the terminal widget on the app to my device. I know that in the BLYNK_WRITE function I can use param.asString() and then write code to parse the string. I’d really prefer that some nifty functions do that work for me.

I’ve searched a lot to find documentation on the methods for “param” but have not found anything other than examples which don’t help much.

I’ve also searched the doc for a widget designed to pass multiple values - all I come up with is Joystick or zeRGBa which nicely pass multiple values but do not allow easy specification of precise values.

This is my second project using:
• NodeMCU wifi.
• Android 10
• Blynk server.
• Blynk Library version 0.6.1

Thanks for any help.

Why not use multiple numeric input widgets, or possibly even slider widgets? Store the data that comes from these widgets as they are individually changed then process this data when a button widget (a sort of Enter key) is pressed?


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Thanks, that would be a way to do it. I was looking for something more general that I could use in many projects, where a number of values (string, integer, etc) could be entered at one time and I don’t need a widget and function for each value.