Using NB-IoT or LTE for Transmitting Blynk data

I’m developing a project that uses home WiFI to communicate with the Blynk Server. I want to be able to use either NB-IoT or LTE to transmit the data if the WiFi/Internet dies. However, the data rate is 8 kilobits per second continuous. Discussions with ATT identified this data rate is too high for both NB-IoT and LTE and the connection would be suspended. If communicates numerous times per second, how can I get the data rate down to prevent being suspended. Needed data would at most be once a second from the device to Blynk.

You should read this…


How? It needs tranlation.

Never heard of Google Translate or DeepL?



Pete, I translated it, but still don’t understand the content.

I read the original post. I need the data to transmit about every second for some items. I don’t want to disconnect and reconnect every second, nor put it into a sleep mode that was discussed in the other post. Is it OK to only transmit the every second along with all of the data? I’m not an experienced programmer, so there’s things I am ignorant about with respect to coding.

Well, I guess you have a number of options…

  1. Keep reading the rest of that topic
  2. Choose not to trust a Russian guy who has clearly spent a lot of time experimenting with settings until he’s come-up with a solution; and instead try to work-out a different solution for yourself.
  3. Hope that someone else will chime-in with a different solution.

The choice is yours.