Using IRLib.h with Arduino UNO

Hi folks. I just solved a problem that had been bugging me for a while and figured someone else might have the same problem someday. I am using IRLib to decode IR signals offline then transmit them in a project that includes Blynk.

The problem I was having was that whenever I tried a VirtualWrite the system would reset, it would work with inputs from Blynk without a problem though. I think the problem was with the interrupts that IRLib uses for decoding IR signals. Since I don’t decode them in the Blynk project commenting out the “USE_IRRECV”, “USE_ATTACH_INTERRUPTS”, and “USE_DUMP” #defines in IRLib.h solves the problem and lets me use both inputs and outputs in the Blynk App.

The WiFi hardware I am using is an ESP8266 with the default AT firmware but I don’t think that was a factor here.

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