Using hotspot of Smartphone, instead of the router

Can a smartphone that controls the hardware, be used as the router of hardware also?



Thanks a lot…

It works like a dream. Nothing to do with Blynk though. Use it to demo a board that I carry along with me. Can also show the diagnoatics with LEDs on board to figure out what has gone wrong. Eg. WiFi not connected, Blynk server not connected etc.

Hey mohan_sundaram, which phone do you use and what configuration (password used, etc.)? I’m trying to connect it to an iPhone hotspot, but I haven’t had any luck…

@Kento411 Old topic and besides… What someone else uses is up to them and will not help you at all.

When setting up a WiFi hotspot on your phone, it is up to you what SSID and password to use, then you take that info and enter it into your device sketch instead or your router… Or set up your phone to emulate your router (same SSID and Password) and then your device will connect to whatever is the strongest signal available.

Google your phone make and model for more info on how to set up the hotspot… it is NOT Blynk specific.