Using firmware API to log event

I have an event that is up and working correctly with no issues.
My question is in order for it to function correctly you need to code in the AuthToken,
but if you use the apps reconfigure it changes the AuthToken. thus breaking the link of the event.
How do I prevent the AuthToken from being changed when the end user reconfigures it to change the WiFi

I don’t think you can.
May I ask why would you like to trigger the event using an API instead of the “Blynk.logEvent(event_code)” command?

That’s one of the disadvantages of dynamic provisioning.
If you use static provisioning then the Auth token doesn’t change.


Thanks, I have the Pro plan. I didn’t realize the plan allowed QR Codes.

Again thanks.

Bill S

I think you’ve misunderstood what I was saying with regard to static provisioning.