I have made a instruction Using DRF1276DM in Instructables see

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I your Instructable you say “Field test indicates that distances up to 200 km are possible.” yet the Swiss guys YouTube video you you link to struggled to get a reliable signal above 1.5km even with line of sight. Where does your 200km (124 mile) figure come from?


Hi Pete.

Look to this video from the same guy.

Of course, these distances are extremely and difficult to achieve. But it is possible.

But these tests were done between a LoRa module and a TTN gateway mounted on a commercial telecoms mast - very different to the LoRa to LoRa module system you’re using in your Instructable. With your hardware then you’ll be getting a kilometre or so if you’re lucky, if the Swiss guy’s results are anything to go by.

I’m sure this technology will be extremely useful for some applications, and the LoRa to TTN gateway with MQTT messages being returned by the gateway is potentially even more interesting, but people need to be realistic about the ranges they’re likely to achieve.


You are right. I shall remove this text from my instructable.


Hello @TPY in this case the multi-point LoRa works, so the Raspberry would be the gateway and I could connect several devices on LoRa network?

Hi Clucas.

Happy to hear that you build your own one.