Using Dashboard with Blynk

Dear all.

I need guideline to create my own dashboard to use with Blynk module.

  1. Is blynk community declared there own dashboard??
  2. I wanted to set username and password from dashboard instead of hardcoded,Is there any dashboard example avialble such
    3)which platform is good in mqtt for building dashboard
    4)How to use nodered and nodemcu .Is there any own dashboard avilable

I’m going to respond to this because I use Node-Red and Blynk together, but I really don’t understand some of your question!

  1. There is a web dashboard in the pipeline, see this thread:
    Blynk Web Dashboard

  2. Looks like Mobile Provisioning is part of the new dashboard

  3. I tried the Node-Red dashboard, but I hate it. The new dashboard won’t use MQTT, but I don’t think that will be an issue as you can use the Blynk contrib for Node-Red and the dashboard will talk directly to the server.

  4. This is the question I don’t understand. I use one of the PubSub clients on a NodeMCU to talk to Node-Red. I don’t see where the dashboard comes in to the question. If you want to monitor MQTT traffic then try MWTTfx.


WHY? It is not that bad, if not taking account its charts, which are soooo slooow, when overloaded with data…

there is no good dashboard so far. we hope the blynk Team will do something on it.

Hi @marvin7, I just find the Node-Red dashboard to be very clunky and it’s just not worth the effort to keep the controls synchronised with Blynk widgets, MQTT instructions etc.
I went down this rout for one of my projects and eventually went back and ripped all of the dashboard stuff out of my flows, which made them much simpler and I didn’t really miss the dashboard.

I’ve used a Nextion touch screen display on one of my projects to give controls and some dashboard functionality rather than using the Blynk app as the only control device, which I prefer to using the Node-Red dashboard.



Anyone has tried solution which best MQTT broker to use with nodemcu. Is there any solution so far

If you want to use Blynk (which is what this forum is all about) then the best approach is to use a Raspberry PI running Mosquitto as the MQTT broker and Node-Red as the Blynk to MQTT gateway.

If you want to run a setup without using a Raspberry Pi then there are solutions such as this:

I’ve never tried this, as it doesn’t fit-in to what I want to do.

I cant imagine that the same device would be able to successfully run Blynk and this MQTT broker software at the same time.
I suppose you could have one device acting as your broker and another running Blynk and an MQTT client, which acts as your Blynk to MQTT gateway, but why bother.

As far as MQTT clients are concerned, I use this one:

If you’ve not read it already, it might be worth you taking a look at my Home Automation thread, where I’ve explained my Node-Red setup and given some example of how I use Node-Red and MQTT for various tasks: