Using both Blynk and local server for single project

Is there any way,I could use both Blynk and local server at the same time for a single project on the same app. My project involves a home security system of activating burglary alarm by seeing through a camera or PIR sensor sends data through web . The alarm can be activated remotely away from home using Blynk server or using local server inside the house (incase of internet failure).cuz internet connection failure can be done delibrately by the robbers in case of LAN connection(since most of the house uses LAN
for homee network in my area) . Please suggest me with some ideas. Thanks in advance.

You must use local servers yes or yes. You can’t configure two different servers in the same Blynk project (I think), but you can make a secure access to your local server and use http api to make changes to your project remotely…

Another way is use two different hardware, one to make all the project and the another to make a communication to the Blynk cloud server… and then make a communication protocol between both…

Maybe exists other betters ways but I can’t think about anything more now…

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@Judeson: Some remarks from my side:

  • As discussed several times in the forum it is not a good idea to use two different servers for one project. Especially if one is the Blynk cloud server. They preferably need to be in sync regarding project and operational data to make everything work properly - hard to do.
  • I’d use a router that establishes an external connection via 3G or 4G to the internet in case the line connected internet access fails. Doing that you can either use the Blynk cloud server or a local server.
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