Using Blynk without internet access

I’m assisting a student that needs to use Blynk in a science fair where there will not be reliable WiFi. She needs to build a simple UI on the iPhone and this will control servos on the device a couple of feet away. Ideally I wanted to use Bluetooth as it seems ideal for this but it’s not clear if it’s supported, it doesn’t appear as an option in the Quick Start. As a last resort I’m willing to add either a local WiFi router or a laptop. My other question: does Blynk have to have a connection to the cloud?

No, it’s not supported in Blynk IoT.

Yes, all communication goes via the Blynk cloud servers, so you’ll have no functionality without an internet connection.


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You can try FreeRTOS. No matter whether there is an internet connection or not, FreeRTOS code will keep running.