Using Blynk to view queue number

I am a new in blynk can anyone help me.
In my project, I want to create an application for viewing queue number using smartphone,
so I choose blynk as my apps and I was connecting this app with esp8266, once I view the number via mobile phone, then I got a problem when I not sure either this app can notify the owner of phone about their turn come approaches or not.
and one more anyone here can explain to me about slider virtual in this app?

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Blynk can do almost anything so I’m going to say yes.

Blynk for Android can send PUSH messages, emails (and therefore also SMS via email to SMS gateways) to your Smartphone.

We would need to know more about the hardware side of your queuing system to provide a more detailed response.

Read all the docs thoroughly if you want to get the most out of Blynk. Then look through the projects created by fellow Blynkers. If you still have a question on sliders / virtual pins follow up here.

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nice…I will try to check it out.
thank you for the info.